How can IWEF help you and your startup?

We’ll offer you funding and lots of hands-on support to get your startup from the concept stage to scaling your first product, depending on where you are already on the entrepreneurial journey. We provide “pre-seed” and “seed” funding in several tranches, which can range from around $50,000 to $150,000. 

Along with the first tranche of funding that we invest, we’ll plan operational goals with you, and we’ll design a program of support from our team, so that we can help you reach them. Every time you hit those goals, we’ll look to provide another tranche of funding and plan another set of goals with you. We’ll work very closely with you for a period of time that makes sense for you and where your startup is along its journey - ranging from 6 months to a couple of years.

What do we look for in founders & startups?

We understand that as a very early stage startup, you’re still putting things together - your product, market assumptions, and even your team are still being formed! … We realise that you're running on a lot of ambition and vision, which is why we’ll work alongside you to plan how to put all the operational pieces together. So, for the first tranche of investment, we’re looking mostly at your potential as a founding team, and your vision to solve a problem. But, if your first product is already launched, then of course we’ll also look closely at the traction it’s achieved, but we appreciate that a lot may still need to be changed with it. 

And it doesn’t matter what sector you are launching in - we’re sector agnostic. As long as your founding team includes one or more women, that you’re aiming to rapidly disrupt the status quo through tech and innovation, and that your customers or end-users include women who are set to disproportionately benefit from your solution … well, then we’d love to hear from you! 

Funding & Support

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IWEF is a purpose-driven venture capital fund, which supports women founders, and disruptive solutions to improve livelihoods for women in Indonesia.

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