Some of the Impact Metrics Across IWEF’s Current Startups


What problem is IWEF addressing?

Through investing in and supporting women-led startups and their women-serving solutions, IWEF strives to address two problems that constrain women in Indonesia from reaching their full economic potential :

Lack of funding for women founders

Women as founders of startups face disproportionate challenges to achieving their full potential. Less than 5% of venture capital funding in Indonesia is invested in startups that include women founders, even though numerous studies from around the world show that businesses with gender balanced teams perform singinificantly better. 

The funding gap for women founders is especially acute at the very early stages in their startups’ growth trajectories, at the Pre-Seed and Seed stages.

Barriers to economic participation for women

Despite considerable economic growth over the last decade, Indonesia still has much work to do on many global measures of gender equality.

Over 90 million women face barriers to a better life through greater participation in the economy, and this represents an opportunity cost of more than $135 billion to the country’s annual GDP by 2025.

Many of these women work in low paid and unskilled jobs with little career prospects; or form the majority of Indonesia’s micro-enterprises, but lack the tools, capital and opportunities to grow their businesses.

IWEF supports women in Indonesia facing barriers to participating more fully
in the economy

21.5m Employed Women

Lacking access to better paid jobs or facing wage discrimination

30.6m Self-Employed Women

Lacking tools and resources needed to increase productivity and grow their business

36.7m Under / Unemployed Women

Lacking access to healthcare, transport, education and other essential services; and facing other constraints to employment

IWEF’s Impact Goals, by 2030


Women founders accelerated through IWEF’s programs


High-growth startups with women founders receive investment and support, and act as role models for future founders and investors


Underserved women gain better livelihoods through the startups we support

IWEF is a purpose-driven venture capital fund, which supports women founders, and disruptive solutions to improve livelihoods for women in Indonesia.

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